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About Me & Joe Rogan

I’m just a normal guy who enjoys being active outdoors, playing tennis, and listening to the JRE Podcast. I went to college for an IT degree, which everyone told me I would need in order to be somebody someday. After working in a cubicle for 4 years and suffering from a mundane life, I started listening to the JRE Podcast, which changed my life.

I literally was watching this video and turned in my 2 weeks notice the same day…from a $83,000 salaried job:

A few months later, I started this website from a desire to scratch my own itch:

“I wish there was a website that had notes from the JRE Podcast – so I could see if I wanted to listen to the whole episode or not.”

I hope you enjoy this website and listen to the JRE Podcast. The podcast is more valuable than a college education, learning both book and street smarts.

Rugged Maniac – March, 2019 – Charleston, SC
Kapiʻolani regional park tennis courts – Waikiki, HI – November, 2019

**I am not affiliated with Joe Rogan or the JRE Podcast. Just a fan.

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